Egyptian Medical association for chest diseases & Tuberculosis :

ESCDT is the oldest and longest scientific and clinical organization in respiratory medicine in Egypt, Africa and The Middle East . With a growing membership, 42 Qasr Elaini St., Dar El-Hekma, Cairo The society was founded in 26 March 1936 by Dr. Mahmoud Bek Abaza and it was called “Stop Tuberculosis Society” In 1/11/1953, the board of directors decided to modify the name into “The Egyptian Society for Chest Diseases & Tuberculosis” The legislation of the association has been issued according to law terms no. 384 for 1956 and it has been proclaimed under no. 680 for 1/2/1967 according to law terms no. 32 for 1964 in the Western Department of Administrative Affairs.
The modification of the basic regulation system and the improvement of the society conditions were according to law terms no. 84 for 2002

the annual meeting:

The annual meeting is the biggest event for pulmonologists in Egypt and Arab world and we promise to make this year truly special .Our meeting aims at updating chest physicians with recent knowledge given by highly experienced professors.
We hope that our colleagues in the different organizations in Egypt and Arab area share with their scientific material, and interact with our guest faculties which will include eminent international, Arab and Egyptian scientists, with the prospect of exchange of knowledge for better continuous education and optimum patient care.

The purpose of the society establishing is for working in the fields of cultural & scientific services as the following:

  • Doing researches & the studying of chest diseases.
  • Studying the means of how to stop Tuberculosis and the other chest diseases hypothetically and practically.
  • Publishing medical culture among the members by establishing conferences, scientific seminars and issuing scientific magazines .


Is to Promote scientific research , provide professional development and improve patient care. We are dedicated to advance global respiratory health by advocating science and education .